Friday, December 9, 2011


this is unfair when u are happily make a routine of checking and reading my blog while i cant read your journal or whatever u call it.the feeling of saying hi,how are you,how`s life,do u still remember me, are really make me not so, not that much.behave miza.u know ur limit.paradise is surrounded by all kind of dislikes undesirable things.that`s call jihad.saje nak cakap "CEPATLAH!!!!!!!!"
setuju x, x adil?huhuuhuhu


Anonymous said...

"cepatlah" pe? mcm2 kt otak ni pk pasal perkataan ni.. =,,=

nk tgok ke?tgor kt fb kalo on9 nnt..


-sshi- said...

u'r tumblr?

miza said...

makne nyaaa....?? oit suke nak smile double2..haha