Tuesday, March 22, 2011


oh that is not stand for gym or watever
siyesly not related at all

eventhough miss suriani told us that our masses are not constant for real according to the quantum theory or relativity theory or ape2 laa theory ak ta ingat sebb mengantuk, i still have to do something

yes, it is increasing slowly

and im damnly worry

ggrr :s

p/s G.I.M is a book..hmmm looks interesting :D



-sshi- said...

should i say,
patutlah aku berat semacam kat sini.

miza said...

haha kau mmg gurau kasar
apsal x bold and caps lock kan je?grr!

-sshi- said...

keseimbangan perlu dicapai.
nnt nampak sarcasm sgt.

miza said...

haha belle sgt..ak da da mcm mane muke kau tym tgh ckp ayat ni..heh!