Wednesday, October 21, 2009


now, i am..

  1. cool coz of the heavy rain
  2. feel messy coz of so many thing to catch up..but im still in blur mode..lala~
  3. listening to avril lavigne - sk8er boi
  4. missing my nothing muar
  5. eager to eat mee bandung mami
  6. messenging 2 person now..sorg gile sorg btol..hak3
  7. viewing my facebook..n also the not so cool pict uploaded by them..haha
  8. showing my little finger..haha nad msti phm =p
  9. men solitaire..haha ni mmg da x de keje sgt
  10. sgt3 mau tgk the ugly truth
  11. x2...sgt2 mau tgk wyg..
  12. want to eat mcD..sudah lame ok~
  13. want to buy a jeans..hmm~
  14. tepek bedak sejuk kt muke..haha

current name : mizaio
current age : 18 years and 27 days..kot!

current pict :

current feel : ngntok + bosan + serabot
current dream : honda accord..ngahaha

currently..mengarot! haha

nota berkaki ---> everybody!! call me miza ok..not mija..hehe shining kot!!


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