Tuesday, February 7, 2012


i used to be with someone before. since kindergarden i have a close friend.we are actually in group but the chemistry between these two persons are more, mayb. so eventhough we have a group of good friends, inside it there are actually two best buddies. usually we have same character and sometimes ppl might get confused. during kindergarden till before i entered secondary school, i used to be with my neighbour. she lives in front of my house and till now, when i meet her, we will never awkward and always laughing and laughing. i miss that moment. and during my secondary school, i was also attached. and ppl always say that we`re having same pattern of face body and characters.we are too close and always fight too.alah biasalah perempuan. lagi rapat lagi cepat terasa. and sadly, we`re separated, she`s going to egypt further her studies 2 years earlier than me while i have to face a level before get into degree. i used to usha-usha her picture and i know she is happy with the new circle of friends. im not prajudice or berburuksgka yg mayb she might forget me sometimes. to be true, i need u and miss to do everything with u. while im still there doing my a level, i also get attached. but not to blame anybody, she`s just come for awhile. to be honest, everytime i recall the situations, it makes me sad and x susah pon utk nangis because of that thing. it`s my fault, idk. everytime my family ask bout something related, i just smile. then im here, i still dont like to be alone. i used to get jelous with those close friends. that`s pathetic i know. like everybody said, dah dia mmg macam tu nak buat mcm mana. like thats the nature of me. initially i start to get close to her, (not the same person as she has someone else) but recently i see the same thing happened. other person come in between which make me feel inferior. x baik rasa mcm ni, mcm x blapang dada. tp kalau dgn org lain kita bole ckp x pe die mmg mcm tu kenapa kita x bole bgtau org yg kita mmg mcm ni. i feel so kagum dgn org yg boleh independent, x kisah sorg2. i try to be like that but i felt like a fake.so not me.and yes during a level i do admit i make mistakes by get attached to him. and till now to be honest.i dont find any ways to get detach as i dont feel belong to anyone here like i felt before. i miss aqeelah nordin, mimi, and nani. ini memang tengah Perasaan Macam Sengal.okbai

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