Monday, November 21, 2011


i know i said that im gonna be silent from this blog for 3 bila tibe2 rase mcm ni and x tahu nak ckp kat sape mestilah rase nak log in jugak.padahal bnda ni lame dah jadi.kenangan.memori.the bus.the train.the cinema(we watched 2 movies consecutively remember?haha).the kereta kancil.hoki tangan(im not sure the exact term).everything`s suddenly crossed my mind.we didnt contact for quite a long tym.that`s why i dont know eh kenape ak tbe2 teringat kau.lebih x faham, ia lepas solat zohor td.daaa what happen what happen.
im a typical girl with a very common look n common er intelligence?(as if compare with u it is OBVIOUSLY like langit n bumi)
now i think,i can feel that something was happening that time if he didnt came`s ashamed to admit but i do feel ur presence.when u`re gone i did felt patah kaki sebelah.i never realised that we will be that close.ure so protective like nobody did it,honestly.i mean that was the 1st tym i felt protected by a stranger.or perhaps becoz i dont have a brother.hmm x tahu lah.sometimes regret with ur deeds, attitudes ,behaviours and especially when u were closed to someone i didnt like.ah i remembered when there were u me and..her.and u talked bad thing bout her.haha.that`s cruel.nah..perhaps u did the same to me when u were with her.who knows.i remembered when i entered library and ur friends called me with ur name.and u kept saying sori bout that.hahaa. u also always ask me to study hard, do well.mayb the best word u should say to me is "study la rajin2, jadi pndai macam aku" haha.luckily we are friend and to admit we have somthing inside is really like no im dont wanna be a loser.and now we are far apart.ure there and im here.seldomly contact as we are in this field.i hope ure doing ok more pliss dude.till then, plis go away from my mind now.haha


Anonymous said...

lucky him

fariza hani said...

what the fish semua post depressing hahahahaha..nad ko wani sama je!!hahahahha.unfortunately aku xleh blog pasal feeling aku.. :( aku pon sama je sebenarnya wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa