Sunday, September 25, 2011

hanya lagu yang menjadi kenangan :')

it`s stil 24th sept according to belgaum`s clock
my 1st birthday outside of my area and far from my loves
my 1st tear drops
coz on 23rd (night) i met my schoolmate who also my colleague also my ukhti, fatin izzati
without a single word, i just saw her from far and my ayes start to welling
mayb thats the diff when u befriend with somebody lillahi taala insha Allah
that night my friend called n wished me
fews msg received by the phone n i just ignored it, thought it came from the iklan watever
that the line was not very clear n our conversation ended just like that
i read the msg, from angah and mak
n dengan ikhlas nya mata punye air merembes2 dengan meriah nya
i just realised that i miss home and everybody damn much and all this while i just tried denying that fact
and that night my hostel`s internet cannot be accessed so i couldnt reach my parents tru skype
pagi hari jadi td, i sat for my 1st examination in this usm-kle belgaum, india
and i didnt prepare too much yet i didnt do my very best and i just dont want to think bout it
malam tu which means several hours ago, seniors of my uni held a jamuan hari raye..
i ate like a jakun one as they served soto, kuah kacang for us
sampai x bole duduk makan hehe
and suddenly harisah my roomate sang a happy birthdy song followed by everybody
terus tercangkung n i heard somebody said eh janganla nangis..haha
speechless as everybody sing along that tym including my new friends from ex-KMB, ex-asasi and ex-matriculations the senior also :")
i dont know what to say n how to express the feeling
saya sangat terharu kui3
bile harisah pass the cake to me, tbe2 byk pulak kamera dtg, yg besa yg kecik, yg hp canggih, yg hp biase tp ade kamera la..sume dok snap gmba smpai segan jadi nye haha
i upload some of the photo
hope my face really express my appreaciation to all the colleagues

bile balik bilik ak harisah ayuni and mayang cr pasal dengan air mate dengan bukak gmba2 ktt wat jadi slide show pastu smbil ade lagu autumn in my heart n lagu perpisahan ini by aizat
and i just realised that ukwah 2 tahun kami mmg awesome
may all of us in His blessings
evnthough we are far apart, dua` is alway the best wireless connection for His slaves
may we meet again one day
if not mayb in Jannah
i heart everybody


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Nurul Wahida said...

semua orang sedang dalam perasaan rindu merindui. huhuh.=)

may Allah bless u.