Tuesday, August 9, 2011


sometimes i feel like being minn edina in that versus story by hlovate was really awesome. she managed to change herself 540 degree from a skater girl who was wearing something that i will never intend to put on insha Allah in public into a girl wearing scarf with an xxl attire..really, that is awesome.. even me myself cant do it..yes i know i have no such life background but i cant even change myself to a somebody i admire..even a bit..i feel like a loser and hopefully i will never
come to the line of give up..another thing bout that girl is she managed to change person who admiring her to be better..yes that AO guy..i admire his mature action in order to respond to the rejection...im not saying that im a polite girl who behave like a princess and having so many admirer..hell no.i am nobody to everybody..but refreshing my mind and recall back my teen life..i felt like so useless to everybody..i have done nothing to people around me..somebody come into my life and when i rejected him and he turned to a smoker..oh no, he is a heavy smoker right now..another person came and yes i said no, then he turned to be a sweet talker to girls around him..and another guy came and i didnt said im rejecting him im just holding up to a certain time but he decided to make new close friend with another girl..and i felt so stress when they said that, all because of me.."i will never do this and this or that if u stay with me" why
haa??ini bukan post aku poyo nk bgtahu kat semua ak ramai org nak ni cuma luahan hati yang kadang2 tensyen asik dipersalahkan atas tindakan kurang matang org lain..

kepada sape2 yang x memahami, x pelah..mungkin sebab ak x sebagus minn edina..apehal plak ak nak bising2 suruh org berubah

x suruh berubah, suruh jgn salahkan and paham je -.-

p/s byk gile grammar mistakes..hasil tulisan dr hati, x payah kira grammar sgt kot


syem said...

waa..rmai2..cite sy ade tselit x kt situ? huhu

Ibtisam Najmi said...

i do adore minn edina too.kebanyakan orang memang macam tu.tak dapat terima kenyataan bahawasanya segala tingkah lakunya kini adalah hasil kehendak diri dia sendiri.

miza said...

syem..penh admire ke?haha

najmi..true..penat nak memahamkan org

syem said...

oo..2 cite admire rupenye..silap la ni..haha..ok2

nani syafiqah said...

awk msh blom terlambat jd minn edina
carik AO kene byk mkn masa
smoga kita sama2 tdk mnuju ke arah ed sassin mek.

p/s:lincah ko baca