Friday, April 1, 2011

bout 2 years relationship

time is moving
and i realise it become too fast this year

today is 1 april 2011

we`ve known each other bout 1 year and 9 months

what a time

honestly i didnt realised how much u lighten up my life

u are sooo wonderful

i appreaciate to be with u,

to be ur 'bahan kutukan'

to be ur aim when u throw a ball or perhaps when u kick the ball :)

to be ur ear when ure upset

to be ur mother to cook for u

to be ur teammate during our balingselipa and netball session

to be ur singer, heh

to be ur mentee and fasilitatee

to be ur mate and 'tukang tokok tambah' when ur dreaming

to be ur 'pencabut rambut gatal'

and much more

to all my colleagues,
today is not our last day for trial examinations

it`s the day where, there are only 2 month left for us

before we are apart

i heart u

p/s everyone must fly..nk nanges pulak taip :'(


mary said...

sedihhhhhh :( :( :(

Lyana said...

i heart you toooooo !

nadhirah said...

oh tuhan ku, ini sedih.

miza said...

korg ni membantu sgt..nagis btl2 jugak ni kang :'(

Nor Athina Muntaha said...

sedih :(
Tiba-tiba rasa sedih bila diingatkan

miza said...

tina... :(

Lyana said...

ehhh, kte sedih gak! hehe :)

I would say, KTT is the best place on earth. Because it is where I met amazing sisters, and its you <3

miza said...

hehe yana ni ske nk wat org touching3..malu ^_^