Thursday, March 24, 2011


they`ve got their placement
i mean, the JPA students
and we are stil here struggling for the becoming exam
it is really soon
after this pre it is our turn to know our placement
it is scary tahu x
kalau sy tercmpak mcm mane?
what if that, and what if this
and the worst is,
what if i`ve got the cool university
but i cant afford to go there?
free my mind
zero xpectation, dont hope too high
takot kecewa, LAGI



Anonymous said...

insyaAllah dpt tmpat baik..=)


HANAN said...

ifff...kalauuu..itu smua perkataan dari org yg suka berputus asa sblm mcuba.. cuba jgn ada perkataan 'kalau sy xdpt cmne?..kalau itu kalau ini.. just work hard n tawakal.. Allah knows best!!

miza said...

Thank u guys :D

muhammad afiq said...

juz focus on ur A2...if U got excellent result for A Level, dont worry, placement is there waiting for you...

HANAN said...

cubet kaang!!

Anonymous said...

bler final??


miza said...

Afiq..thanks,im trying..h0pe Allah murahkan rzki..

Anga..awk nape nk men cubet2 kt cni..haha

11 may