Saturday, December 11, 2010

deluding myself

it`s over..n im home, oh so heaven
that camp..i was just pretending being a good n obedient participant,seriously..i was counting the hours to go home..mcm sgt terseksa kot..dlm hati rase mcm menjerit2..i was just nodding, bt actually my head keep analysing..i didnt said that it was totally useless..there`s some benefits..i know it`s our responsible to know the facts,ok thanks for telling me bout those rules,constitution..but plis dont drag me, influence me to pangkah ape2..itu sgt x professional..and plis dont question bout hukum..plis,sy rase awak sgt is our secret..u have no right to ask which side u are going to be honest, i dont believe anyone..that side say this and that..and another side doing something not nobody are being honest right now

the most touching part was the scene of hati malaya..i watched that is touched me.. i love my leader,before..the one that truly struggle for independent..but now, are them truly fight for our nation?or just for their own interest..i know it is not easy to manage a country..being the one that always arguing the decision, mayb easy, actions speak louder than it is not about the sides yg diwakili, but it is about the leader..think before u decide..choose the person, dont be so obsessed..bijak laa sket :)

mcm dewase sgt entry ni..hahaha poyo ^_^

p/s 3 org ak jmpe kat kem tu yg sejibik dengan org ngn ak kenal.1st atikah hakim versi tinggi, 2nd syamsul azwan versi skema,3rd pak ngah versi pendek sket..hehe

i love the t-shirt..bkn usha kau, t-shirt je ^_^


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