Monday, October 4, 2010

im the lucky one :)

weekend hr tu mmg best
mule2 terpakse, lame2 jadi ikhlas 360 darjah
feel lucky coz i got such a perfect family..
i knew few things bout agama
n my perspective turns upside down
they are innocent
it is just lyk mayb they are choosen to be tested
im happy to hear they said, "ajar lah ma`thurat tu laa..x penah tau pn" "miza, cane nk beze kan ha dgn ha bulat ni?" "miza, jom laa tgk kite amek wuduk, tgor mane salah"
trust me, those words are said by 20 n above years old participants...

i swear i never meet this kind of supportive and such rebel..hope they`re continue to learn..really hope..

since that, i felt so guilty n unthankful to miss kwajipan yg ak tau, tp x amalkan slalu..mcm ma`thurat,dhuha,al-mulk..moga dpt diteruskan lepas ni..insya Allah :)

p/s kcik ati


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syem said...

bgos2..truskn bmbing mreke yg mmrlukn..mcm sy ni