Tuesday, August 17, 2010

hye..kite jmpe lagi :)

yesterday i have a big conversation with my good buddy..thanks qq
i start refreshing..i start to see my own way...which is not like others who has passed it with flying colors..owh..can i give a fullstop to this kind of feeling
pliss laa..tired to be sad..at the end, it doesnot change anything pon..so plis end up ur sadness..it is totally killing my spirit being here..
but sori my dear old fren, i couldn`t reply u..really sorry..i still got my ego..it is not ego actually..more to shy..seriously if i could visualise my shyness to u, it is extremely like a huge stone in front of my face..so, i apologise coz i may not coming to the airport during ur big day..where u will start a new journey..journey to be a doctor..congratulations..thanks for the support :'(

i am retaking..its a fact..we meet again as..sgt kuat ya jodoh kita..hmm..i pray it is not chemistry..omg plis laa..i beg u..paper 3 is such a disaster..but everything doesnt decide yet..mayb tomorrow..hmm frankly speaking, ak da xkesah..tahu ak kne repeat tu da mcm wat paru2 susah nk bfungsi..dan mggu depan da kne pre as...huhu

so many things i have to sacrifice after this..it`s ok dear..i got Him..i know He will help to ease the way..insyaAllah..i may not be lyk b4..the schedule is 360degree rotate..impian bbuka puasa stp mggu kat umah..huhu bye2 laa..mmg ati kering sgt kalo ak balik jugak..plan ke jln tar utk bli tudung pon da lame sayonara..mungkin cita2 smbut birthday dgn tgk teater tun mahathir pn x lame lagi leh masokkan dlm botol, pastu buang dlm sungai..

"demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia dalam kerugian"

till then..blog skrg mcm da jd skema..tatau cane nk ubah

p/s doa + usaha + tawakal
play no more faliq


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