Wednesday, April 28, 2010

korban terkorban dan dikorban

what a poyo tajuk

saje x de idea

last monday ak sgt lege when i realised that

there was no class for this coming weekend

means that the plan is on

ok i will follow my family to kl

sumpah lame x g kl yg btol2 kl tuh

n buy things for my sis`s wedding this coming november


coz i didnt manage to do that during my along`s wedding

bz wiv spm..daaa~

ok malang sgt nsb ak

sbb tbe2 ak masok group 3 math

n didapati bahawa

kelas itu wujud pada sbtu minggu ini


sumpah kecewerrr~

mayb some of u do not feel anything towards this matter

ala kawen je pon..

kawen je laa

emm not for my family i guess..

we often to do something together..wiv a complete members of family

tp wat to do

once i jump into this cruel field of study

i have to get used to that situation

which is

i will always absent in any event or watsoever

moga dpt membiasakan

blog ditulis tanpa rase ehlas

huuu sedeyh!! :'(

2 mggu lagi nk exam

mungkin effect placement kat india nnti..mungkin jer

jd kene perform

tolong doakan

x doakan korg mmg x cntik dan x ensem



rindu semua org huhu



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