Thursday, February 4, 2010

say no word..

this week, i can describe it as a bad week..very bad kuase 53 laa senang ckp..
sbb telah menyebabkan jiwe rage emosi fzkal dan ketahanan rohani terganggu
ak sendri tataw ape yg jd sbenanye..
i did asked myself..what happen to me actually?? i recalled back what had happened to me the past 3 was a new year..and i shud have extremely high spirit and resolution to make my 2010 even better..
i do hav resolutions
that`s why i kept thinking what is going on wiv me..
was that bcoz of the 'telekung' matter..yes i admit that particular matter indeed effecting me..
i`ve cried..yes i got tensed just bcoz of that matter..
or mayb bcoz i tried to tackle my parents attention
but unfortunately they did not realised that
dlu kat smap pon paling tahan aku kat c2, 2 weeks..
either i went home, or my parents came
but here, of coz i cant go back..transport matter do not allow me to do so
and parents did not came visiting me..
they are busy..hmm~
or mayb bcoz of the new schedule
didnt i adapted to it?
i think so..
bangun awal g klas, and the class pon abes lmbat..
buatkan mlm tu x dpt nk revise scare qualiti
ye sume org mcm nape sume org bleh adapt????
i really dont know why..
honestly, i need some refreshment
i need a break
i dont want to be here

*spt mau nanges lgi tym type this entry*

say no word
coz im really fragile right now

demi masa sesungguhnya manusia dalam kerugian

aku la yg rugi tu..huhu


.w a n e e. said...

miza, ni bukan nye the ultimate end.internal je.and if u think u can do or understand every bits of the subjects, no need to worry about this.maybe masa tu something went went wrong.but actually u know u can do it.even AS pun bukan pengakhiran nye lagi.boleh repeat jangan tension sgt.

ruz said...

lek arr..usaha lg...

Amanina said...

salam my dear naqibah! :D

hey, homesick ea? aku pun. more than 1 month tak balik rumah. huhu. baru faham apa perasaan kawan2 sekolah yang duduk jauh2 dulu.

by the way, about the studies. aku tak nak ah cakap jgn risau sangat. sbb aku pun risau yg teramat. hahahaha.

bak kata wanee, not the ultimate end. wanna know something, i get the lowest mark in ielts. can get the feeling? i cry the whole afternoon. but now, kena redha. Allah tak tengok hasil, tapi dia nilai usaha kita. lagi banyak kita usaha, lagi banyak pahala kita dpt walaupun hasil nya bukan apa yg kita idamkan. u've try the best right? Allah simpan that bombastic marks for your AS, maybe. :D

miza said...

waaa!!!! thanks dear frens..
i`ll try~
same2 kite try ok?? =)