Thursday, January 21, 2010

terlajak jerit buwok padahnya

ok.i swear it was an unpredictable respond. this afternoon, during my class gap, we just melepak melepaskan lelah dan mengah ke hulu ke hilir dr la skang kol 8 kan..hehe poyor that tym, my osmet asked me bout physics..something bout spring i gues..huh watever i tried laa to solve that particular question..and...OMG..i dont noe how to convey this very3 shameful story... that tym... i was soooo khusyuk solving that problem, suddenly a very respected person came to my house..i SWEAR I DIDNT HEAR ANY KETUK2 ON THE i thought she was my neighbour aka my fren la..she delivered a massage which was, our house will be visited by tah sape tah..oh biase laa umh kami sgt ramai yg berminat utk melawat sejak dr 070709 lagi..i really not understand it was just lyk involuntary action when i on the spot screaming and said 'MATILAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

after that, i just realised that the person at the door of my apartment was not my fren..AT ALL..seriously..dan terus jdi mute that tym..OMG3!!! malu nk mmpos..thank God that person dont noe who am i was in the room..hwa!! ampun3...beta x tau itu bkn kwan beta..heeeee....

so what im trying to say is..whenever it is, plis dont scream..hahaha..and carry on with the drama queen in such a beautiful apartment..with no ampai2 baju at the balkoni accept on weekend..haha..drama king..u know =)

bye.nk bgayot..lala~


♫ AsAs_CooL ♫ (o_O) said...

len kali jerit je kuat2..

miza said...


SADIS said...


segan dow

miza said...

hehehe...erk..sape ek?? hmm~

nadhirah said...

-maaatila kau-
nak tergolek aku gelak..

miza said...

hahaha..maaatila kau~ wek!

.w a n e e. said...

maaaaatila kau.
5harkat kot.haha.