Sunday, December 27, 2009

shameful Denmark

i opened my email
finally since ages
tah bile last bukak tah
n i received an email from my luvly neighbour
what a surprise to read and watched those pictures
sad..angry..and speechles
sumpah cruel giler
the top pict is not caused by climate of nature
it unfortunately caused by the uncivilised human

they dont die instantly..but they were cut 1,2, or 3 times with thick hooks.and that tym d dolphin produce scream, just lyk a newborn child

mmg bodoh + bangang

take care of our`s our home indeed..x lame da..caye lah..huhu

p/s today is 27th dec..sbulan berada di tman bunga..



~`nAnie~ said...


Lyana said...

human are cruel

nurzawanie said...

kejam betul ini denmark. ish ish ish. xde hati n perasaan. haih, manusia manusia...

Anonymous said...


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