Thursday, December 3, 2009

pointing nobody

honesty is the best policy
i think i learned that since i was in primary school

but am i really understand that particular idiom??

but this entry actually about my feel rgrding to something

i know nobody is perfect
that is the sentence came out when somebody was doing mistakes to ourselves
but could that allowing us to make mistakes??
i mean, just bcoz we are not perfect, so is it ok to make wrong to others??

let me make it clear..kite zoom innn~haha x pasal
direct, nape kne bocorkan rahsie org???
do u know the meaning of AMANAH??
i dont think there is even one reason to bocorkan tha
t rasie
honey, people tell u some stories bcoz of trust..
so y not u just appreciate that, by keeping that secret safely??

that is one case

another case is,
u explore urself about someone
u tell others bout that story..
which actually u`r are NOT QUALIFIED to know
hey!! this is not fair at all
u did 2 mistakes

1st, u explore someone`s privacy

2nd, u btaw org len

i think, u will not trigger my anger laa IF
u`re exploring my staff n privacy
coz positively i think u might wanna know bout me
coz mayb u care for me
but y must u tell others??
hey lu bikin waa panas laa

eee tau x X BAIK???
itu AIB??

nvm..i forgive u..mungkin x sengajer~

and now..u tell me bout other`s story
which actually..a secret that u must keep
i hate that
so dont tell me

coz i can tell others too
bout those secets of urs
it just i dont want



HANAN said...

ahhh ikan kita dah mati... ini awak pnye pasal!! uwaaaa.. ilang 300 tu beb klu jual... gantibalik!

-sshi- said...

ahh..jadilah seseorang seperti aku.baik budi pekerti,amanah,sopan santun,jujur,bijaksana,lemah lembut gemalai segala bagai,....huhu

miza said...

ni lagi sorg...nyalah kan saye pule..ikan facebook je pon..ala mek...lagpon paksu je pon..haha

eh belle??? apsal nk ckp psl org len nih?hak3