Tuesday, January 6, 2009

coz u`re leaving on a jetplane..

this new year began wiv a sad thing..which was..i was going to be left by my besfren (ever~) n frens..they were going to mesir..doing medic..isk..how could u didnt wait 4 me haa??? hehehe kiddng~ its their rezki..im sure everybody got their own...

1/1/09..i was awaked by her.."hye2! u2! i dont like ur girlfriend!!"..well..its my ringtone laa..hehe..chit chat2..she`ll come to my house..at 330 pm..at that time i was thinking, what im going to give her...eventhough i`ve gave her a red blanket bought at ikea =p..i still wanna give her something..pe ek??

i went to the kitchen..pisang!! yeah i saw pisang bought by ayah..yesterday kot!! tanpa ask for permission..ngn bersemangat g wat kek sorg2..heee =)

its already 330pm honey!! where r u~

finally..she came wiv her family..tak masok pon..aduh..sadis nyer~

die pkai d blouse that i bought for her 17th birthday..im alert tau!! hehe..actually i lit bit shy to give her the cake..coz im scared i`ll be laughed by my sis..who always like to do that to me..huhu...so i ask my mother to give it..cai3~

die da nanges..yea3..hahaha...mija, u cannot cry!! coz die akn ngis byk2 lagi nnti..huhuhu control2~

dats it! now, she`s at mesir..universiti pe tah~ hehe..bebelet lidah i..hehe..

to her..

i wish u strong n b patient always..

congratulations for ur success..

dont forget us here..

i hope we will meet again one day..

if the destiny is ours~

till then..



farah adiba said...



tedey gini..

~`nAnie~ said...

sdey nyer
mase nani call mimi dier pon nanges gak.
nani ape ag nanges r samer..
name u die university of zagazi...
ira la la mlaung ms angkt tpon tu..
wah sgt hiba ma~~~

miza said...

fara mau ke??gmba pakai ken batik nak?? =p