Tuesday, January 20, 2009

aku, dia dan kamu~


im not going to write something sad..but its more to something meaningful and valuable..yes..SEKOLAH MENENGAH AGAMA PERSEKUTUAN LABU..the video doesn`t give much view bout how my feeling bout that school..i`ve learnt so many life education there..from the morning i woke up till i closed my eyes..usually at 2 am!! =p

i entered that school on 9th May 2007..i felt everything..scared, excited, sad, hate, anoying etc..they all mixed together..on the way there, i massage khairul najihah..a fren of mine..loyal fren..i told her that i dont want to entered that school..her mother was the one who adviced me to enterd it..coz she said, her daughter was there..it`s quite a gud school..bla3..plus my parents seems like wanna me to go there..eventhough they never said directly but i noe laa their meaning~

mimi have arrived there first..i said to her to wait for meat the pejabat..sangat cuak kalo x dpt biik yg same..haha lawak~

nobody there in the office except mimi n i..lorh..penat je soh mmi tggu ak..hehe..we settled down the registration for school n hostel..i remembered, first teacher i noe was PN FATIMAH AWANG..tomeyh nyer cigu nih!! hehe..then a prefect came wiv an arabic book in her hand..owhh! they are having their mid year examination lar!! me??ak kne amek exam gak ke??the clock showed 1115 am..sempat lagi nk kne amek exam...huhu takot nye...tbe2 kne amek exam..i saw her nametage (the prefect)..SHAHIDA..erm..cantik..mcm org educated..yeah~ SBP student! that my impression~

then came CIK ENNY MAZLEIN to show us the ostel (skrg da puan la ^_^")..hmm..adek brdik ngn elly mazlein ke??hehehe..first time i saw the dorm..waaa!! ber tile! mayb u all will say how JAKUN i am..but at maahad, simen je taw??kemas je bilik die..lawa~ its name was BUSYRA..130..our family need to go..tinggal laa die~sob3..

at about 230..the students came back..dup dap dup dap..huih..mnakotkan..kriok3..lapo nyer..mimi n i went downstairs..we met najmi!! wa3..she seems like already have many frens..sakina..iman..i ask her..cane nak mkn wei??? she said "masok je lar..ade name tp korg baru masok..so duduk je memane.." ade name?? huh..if they dont allow us to sit??if that?if this?? bla3..at last..kitorg ta makan!!

that evening, the same scene happen..i took my bath..it was almost 7..i entered the room n ask my adek bilek..mkn smpai bile? hmm da abes da kak..kol 7 td..erk?? i was starving!!!! that nite b4 we sleep, we read the al-mulk..hmm something new to me..tataw pun!! i admit that im lit bit lack in religion knowledge..0ooo..kne bace al-mulk ke..huhu~

although i refuse to enter that school..it hard for me to regret..coz i think, everything happened was His plan n has His own agenda for us..if He said im going to that school, so we have to follow..n hikmah nye, i learnt many thing bout my din..wiv the environment, it was easy to influence me to follow..i admit that b4 this, i was a teenage who love to have fun ONLY...hmm~ B4 THIS huh~

that was my 1st day experienced at SMAP Labu! little bit funny..but meaningful..and will be in my mind..forever!!


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